Hi there, I am Iman Khoshabi

I started programming in 2013 with VB, PHP, C, C++, and later QT.
Then I decided to choose my profession, so I started learning Java to write Android native applications in 2014 (later I started learning Kotlin to do so).
I like to learn new technologies, that is why I have started my Flutter Development journey in 2017.
I am totally engaged with Flutter and now I am trying to understand it deeply.

I like to contribute to the open-source community, so I have developed some Flutter (and formerly Android) libraries, you can check them out on my Github page (the most popular one is the FL Chart).

Also as I like to learn new technologies, I have minor experience in Unity.

You can find me on Twitter, or you can send me an email (iman.neofight@gmail.com).

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