Challenge 9 – Color Switch Game replica using the Flutter & Flame game engine

Hi there.

I hope you are doing well. I decided to create some different content here, instead of text content, we have video content at this time.
We have implemented a color-switch game replica using Flutter and FlameEngine.

You can check the source code here

Watch the videos here:

Episode 01: Flame Component System (FCM) & Event Handling 🎊
Episode 02: Camera and World components 🎥
Episode 03: Sprite & Custom Components 🖼️
Episode 04: Collision detection 💥
Episode 05: Pause menu, Decorators and Overlays ⏸️
Episode 06: Scoring and Flame Engine Particles ✨
Episode 07: Flame Audio and Sound Effects 🔊
Episode 08 (final): Polishing and Optimizing🌟


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